Be Mission Minded Foundation supports ministries that are centered in advancing Gods kingdom.

Natural Discipleship is our flagship ministry that centers on multiplying Disciples worldwide. They work with Churches, Pastors, and the body of Christ from all over the world who are relentlessly pursuing the great commission through discipleship. They accomplish this in part by launching initiatives that remove obstacles that disciples face. They provide the tools and resources needed to help people have a personal multiplication discipleship ministry.

(R.I.O.T. Podcast) aka "Righteous Invasion of Truth" is a fun-loving upbeat weekly Christian discipleship Podcast. This powerful Podcast will boost your day and spiritual growth with relevant conversations on today’s hot topics. We also have practical discussions on “how-to” topics, as well as concrete wisdom on how to see the news from Gods eyes and how to answer Faith's hardest questions.

Be Set Free Press publishes books that advance God's kingdom. Authors work hard to get their books to where they are today. Set Free Press helps them the rest of the way by offering professional copy editing, cover design, interior book design, illustrations, trusted retail partners, and clever marketing strategies.

Forsaken Voices is dedicated to assisting individuals who have been abandoned. They provide support for a range of people, including orphans and women who have suffered from physical and emotional abuse. Forsaken Voices helps these individuals regain their ability to express themselves and find their own voice. They employ various methods aimed at rehabilitating and offering stability to each person, with a strong emphasis on discipleship.